Publishing Podcast Episodes

Hello again! How the heck does a podcaster put their beautiful, heartfelt work on this crazy old internet for their adoring audience? Well, watch this video and behold as all the mysteries are be revealed.

In brief:

Publishing an Episode:

  1. Head to your dashboard
  2. Click on Podcast > Add New
  3. Fill in a title and put in some text or images as post content
  4. Scroll down to Podcast Episode Details and select Upload File
  5. Click on Upload Files to upload your episode from your computer
  6. Wait
  7. Once the file is finished uploading, fill in some details in the fields on the right, then hit Select
  8. Scroll up and hit Publish
  9. If you want to, you can insert a media player for your episode by hitting Insert Media above the text editor and selecting your file.

Getting Subscribers:

  1. You can get subscribers by giving them your RSS feed URL, which will be

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